“Eternal” By Chaos Chaos

Chaos Chaos is an American indie synthpop band based in Los Angeles, CA. The band was formed in Seattle under the name Smoosh in 2000 and adopted their current name in 2012. The band consists of two sisters Asy Saavedra and Chloe Saavedra. Growing up, Asya and her sister Chloe started Smoosh at ages 5 and 7 as they split time between Seattle, Sweden and New York. The duo performed with Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, Cat Power, Bloc Party and Sleater Kinney. As Chaos Chaos they have released several EPs, singles and a full-length album. Their music has been featured in Rick And Morty, Lucifer, Never Have I Ever, Search Party and more.

“Eternal,” is the lead-track off their sophomore album Ethical Plum due this fall. Ethical Plum is a multimedia anthology series consisting of songs and music videos released sequentially as episodes. Each episode is created by a unique visual artist, unfolding the twisted tale of two sisters who discover they have a superpower to turn into a demon.

The first episode is for the song “Eternal,” is now available via YouTube, and is directed by Tristan Zammit and animated by Alex Sarzosa. Toronto born, Philadelphia-based Tristan Zammit is an independent artist who creates fully animated music videos, cover art, posters, animated assets, and lyric videos for the likes of Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert, Earthgang and more.

Asy Saavedra on “Eternal:”

I wrote ‘Eternal’ in one sitting one summer day during quarantine. I had all this manic energy and wanted to make a screamo pop song, where I could cathartically release my energy in the screamo sections, but I decided to cushion that with quirky pop sounds using my plug in go-tos: synplant for synth sounds and permut for chopping up and affecting drum loops. I wrote it and then went on a jog on the beach and listened to it and it felt like it expressed the energy I wanted: cooped up manic anger and excitement.
“Eternal” is featured in today’s NPR New Music Friday Spotify playlist and can also be shared on all digital streaming services.

The upcoming series, Ethical Plum, is set in an alternate reality where earth is plagued by the aftermath of technological progress. Through the episodes, Asy and Chloe allow bits and pieces of their own personal stories to emerge as the fictional story unfolds. The songs in the series are unhinged, dark pop ballads infused with modern production. Exploring themes such as codependency, toxic love, and inner dissonance, the lyrics are eerily personal, set in the moments between self destruction and realization. Ethical Plum is a new way to binge music; listeners now get to dive into a constantly evolving animated world while becoming immersed in a musical journey. The original concept was created by Chaos Chaos and Lee Hardcastle.

Chloe Saavedra on On “Ethical Plum:”

A little over a year ago, my mom, Asy and I were on a long drive. Usually when we’re all together we tend to have a manic energy, spitballing ideas for new inventions, songs, apps etc. this time we were talking about how music streaming platforms don’t seem to work for musicians. We were comparing that to tv and movie streaming and realized that people are much more likely to “binge” a tv show than an album.

We decided to make our second full-length album into a multimedia anthology series called Ethical Plum which features us as the main characters. The series tells the story of two sisters with a supernatural ability to turn into a demon, and each episode is created by a unique visual artist who picks the story up where the previous artist left off. The first episode is ‘Eternal.’ We’re so excited to continue the anthology and see how the story unfolds as we collaborate with artists on the next episodes!