“Capital T” Chaos Chaos

Asya and Chloe Saavedra, are the sister duo behind Chaos Chaos, the duo have released a new for video for “Capital T” the latest single to be lifted from their collection of songs due later this year. The video was created by biochemistry animator Myles Marshall while under quarantine for covid19 exposure in New York City. A selection of his work can be found at HERE or fans can follow him on Instagram. The duo is currently working on new material to be released in 2020, and is also working on a video series that features the sisters as animated characters with claymation director Lee HardCastle. For this release Chaos Chaos drummer Chloe Saavedra expanded her drum production skills using a hybrid of programmed/played beats and discussed her process with Modern Drummer.

About the video, Chaos Chaos’ Chloe Saavedra says:

We’ve always found it really meditative to listen to our new music over molecular/cellular imaging videos. We felt that worked really well for Capital T so we teamed up with our sister Maia who is a lab tech at Behnia Lab at Columbia University to make this video happen. She connected us with Myles Marshall who is a lab manager at Rockefeller and a biochemistry animator to create this video for us. In the video Myles made these beautiful animations of brain cells, blood cells and DNA binding proteins including cas9. We wanted people to experience in a meditative but also slightly overwhelming way, the world at the molecular level.

Growing up, Asya and Chloe’s first band Smoosh — which they founded together at ages 5 and 7 as they split time between Seattle, Sweden and New York — performed with the likes of Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, Cat Power, Bloc Party and Sleater Kinney. In the time between Smoosh and Chaos Chaos, the duo have expanded their horizons: Asya scored the music for the video game Trover Saves The Universe and Chloe has toured with Lee Ranaldo and performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

In 2004, the duo debuted their first full-length album, She Like Electric on Barsuk Records, under the moniker of Smoosh. They released several songs under Smoosh until 2012 when they changed their name to Chaos Chaos. The duo released their first EP in October 2012, S, as Chaos Chaos.