Eden Drops New Single “love, death, distraction”

vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist EDEN, has released his new song “love, death, distraction”
EDEN “love, death, distraction”

Vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist EDEN, has released his new song “love, death, distraction” via all digital partners. The third single is off his forthcoming release no future, out February 14 via Astralwerks.

“love, death, distraction” is the follow-up to EDEN’s recent single “projector,” “love, death, distraction” is a layered reflection on social-media-induced ennui. “If you’re on Instagram and you see someone doing something amazing and you’re jealous, you can just put down your phone and go do something amazing too,” says the Dublin-bred artist born Jonathon Ng. “But most of the time we just keep scrolling—it’s so easy to forget that we have that choice, and so we end up feeling stuck by things that actually aren’t sticky. And on the other side of that, this constant exposure to so many possibilities can make it hard to settle, and then we keep throwing things away in search of something better.”

As with all of his music to date, “love death distraction” was performed, recorded, and produced by EDEN at his home studio.

Filmed in Kazakhstan and directed by EDEN’s frequent collaborators Zhang + Knight, the video for “love, death, distraction” documents the transport of a destroyed airplane in a dead-of-night journey across the country. With its desolate landscapes and unsettling simplicity, the video gently intensifies the song’s stark and lonesome mood.

“Giving emotionality to an inanimate object isn’t easy,” note Zhang + Knight. “We went with the concept of a plane that really wants to fly but can’t fly, which seems to capture the melancholy and weird emotional space of the song.”