“Duplex” By Small Black

Small Black release their new album Cheap Dreams, on April 9th, 2021 via their new wave 100% Electronica. The album, is the ban’s first release, since 2015. To celebrate the announcement, the band has shared their newest single, “Duplex.” Along with the single, Small Black has shared the Ryan Draybuck directed video, a stop motion film that brings the new album’s cover art to life. The track follows Cheap Dreams lead-single “Tampa.”

lead singer Josh Kolenik on “Duplex:”

“We finished writing & recording ‘Duplex’ way before the world shut down last March,” “but the lyrics seemed oddly prophetic to me as we were doing the final mix. ‘Walking in the house alone – Pray on the ottoman – Amen for one’ I was originally thinking about the absurdity of feeling alone amid the 9 million of us in NYC and yet suddenly, we were all isolated without much of a choice in the matter. In those weeks spent listening to the quiet out our Brooklyn windows, only broken by the occasional siren, unsure where the city or the world was headed, the song took on a new meaning.

Small Black
Cheap Dreams

Driftwood Fire
The Bridge
Service Merchandise
Cheap Dreams
Nobody Loves You
Song to Ruin


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