Diet Cig “Who Are You”

Diet Cig have shared a video for their single “Who Are You.” The video was directed by the band – Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman, and off their current full-length release Do You Wonder About Me? (Frenchkiss Records). Diet Cig share “We had such a fun time getting to wiggle around on a stage again!! We built the whole set ourselves in a park down the street from our apartment, we loved getting to play with the goofy DIY aesthetic of children’s theater paired with the silly seriousness of an improvised, costumed dance. Gara Lonning (who choreo’d our TikTok dance for the song in April) choreographed the ending number. it was really exciting to expand those moves into a whole new dance framed by homemade velvet curtains.”

Diet Cig
Do You Wonder About Me?
Track List
Frenchkiss Records

1. Thriving
2. Who Are You?
3. Night Terrors
4. Priority Mail
5. Broken Body
6. Makeout Interlude
7. Flash Flood
8. Worth The Wait
9. Stare Into the Sun
10. Night Terrors Reprise


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