Deerhoof Announce Live Album ‘Fever 121614’

Deerhoof Announce Live Album 'Fever 121614', the LP was recorded on the last night of their Japanese tour in Tokyo

Deerhoof have announced the release of Fever 121614. With Satomi’s anime superhero alter ego in full swing, like a pint­-size dancing drill sergeant; with Ed’s neon pink guitar ablaze; with Greg maniacally smiling, miming, and cajoling walls of racket from the ruins of his drums; with John hacking, mumbling incoherently, and appearing generally possessed by some unknowable and truly unsavory force.

The album comes from a December 16, 2014 show, and Deerhoof is finishing up a two-week tour of Japan. With their onstage ESP hitting its peak, and the setlist as snug as a favorite pair of worn­-in shoes, they take the stage in tiny Tokyo club Fever as tape and video roll…

The set doesn’t so much “begin” as it “appears,” full­-flight, mid-­sentence, as if they’re all trying to get a word in edgewise. And why not? After touring all this time, they share a mind and a cramped van, arresting any urge to kill each other when they’re off the stage by destroying everything on it night after night.

Fever 121614 is a Japanese release­­ — Deerhoof has been touring there since Satomi joined in 1995­­ — and Polyvinyl partnered with Japanese label Felicity Records to bring the record to the US. Fever 121614 has been officially selected for Record Store Day (Black Friday) 2015, and the 12 songs, drawn from all over Deerhoof’s catalog, appear on the LP and accompanying video download. The gatefold sleeve features a collage of manga drawings submitted by particularly rabid Deerhoof fans.

Track List:
Exit Only
Paradise Girls
Let’s Dance The Jet
Fresh Born
We Do Parties
Buck And Judy
Dummy Discards A Heart
Twin Killers
I Did Crimes For You
There’s That Grin
Come See The Duck