Dear Rouge Debut New Single “Fake Fame”

Dear Rouge Debut New Single "Fake Fame." The Vancouver duo's new single is now out via various streaming services
Dear Rouge photo by Lindsey Blane

In Dear Rouge’s new single, “I don’t want your fake fame!” singer Danielle McTaggart sings the important part of the song’s title, with verve and intensity. The track is definitely a catchy one, with a serious message, but will still surely get yer head bopping around. The Vancouver duo, comprised of Danielle and Drew McTaggart, are due to release their new album in 2022. The LP follows previous releases, Phases and Black to Gold.

Danielle McTaggart on “Fake Fame:”

“Stardom is alluring and fascinating,” said Danielle. “It can also be toxic, destructive, and entrapping. Just before writing this song, I actually deleted all social media from my phone. It felt like a small act of rebellion against the anxiety and pressure I felt. In our digital age where anyone can blow up overnight, or one can buy followers and validation, what does notability mean? “Fake Fame” is our attempt to answer to this question. It examines our addiction to technology, social media culture, fast fashion, and the tension between desiring and despising fame.”