“Darkside” Laumė

London, England via Auckland, New Zealand synth-pop artist Laumė (former frontwoman and co-founder of Yumi Zouma), has released a new video for “Darkside.” The track is off her forthcoming release for Carpark Records  (Cloud Nothings, Speedy Ortiz) Waterbirth . The full-length was recorded at Okie Dokie studio in Auckland, to flats around London, and even a train across Poland.

Laumė on “Darkside:”

“Darkside is in part representative of a red pill moment. Emerging out from ideological beliefs to see things in a new light. Maybe we were looking at things wrong. The intense complexities of human behaviour, our imperfect and biased natures. An exploration of nuance and diversity of thought. As well as balance, understanding and balancing both the light and dark sides of ourselves, the yin and the yang. Knowing what we are capable of when pushed to our limits. Choosing to act or not. Asking ourselves the hard questions. Finding new ways to empathise and connect with each other despite vast differences. An examination of complex inner and social worlds.” “Darkside”


1. Back of Your Head
2. Darkside
3. Spells (Oedipusi)
4. Neglect
5. Voyeurs
6. Shy Kids
7. Conquest
8. Villains
9. Klara (z Bydgoszczy)
10. Best You
11. Are You With Me
12. Everybody I Love Is Sleeping
13. Saints


It started at loose end
with an honest look
into a splintered soul

Fill it with the ‘good stuff’
cause we can’t get enough
of being reputable

Get ‘em on board
Here’s to the good guys
on our side

Got no time
for blind eyes

We thought we’d found
the truth in kindness
but we forgot
we forgot the

Don’t go slighting your darkside
and all the damage you could do
Don’t go thinking you’re all that
and assume you found the truth
You know your darkside
the shadows lurk beneath your heart

Know your darkside
the years of fears and aches that hide in you

You tell us that you preach love
that it’s the only way
but all we see is heat
And who will be