“Coasting On Fumes” By Dent Mat feat: Jordana

Dent May has returned with a new collaboration, “Coasting On Fumes” that features Jordana and is out to announce his new album What’s For Breakfast? available March 29th via Carpark Records. The song is Accompanied by a video in which Jordana co-stars, the track sees May hit a new peak of power pop perfection. Opening with a verse sung by Jordana.

The last couple of years have seen May crop up on collaborative singles with several artists, most notably a collaboration with Eyedress called “Something About You” which was certified platinum in October of last year, and in January he shared a new track entitled “One Call, That’s All.”

May says of the song:

“”Coasting On Fumes” is a song title that popped into my head while driving around Los Angeles on an empty tank of gas. Jordana and I had been online acquaintances for a bit, and when she came into town from New York, we set up some time to write. The song title came up, and I think it hit a nerve as we were both feeling a bit burned out on the daily grind. We wrote the song in a day. The original version had only Jordana singing, but I loved it so much I had to make it a duet and steal it for my album.”

Dent May
What’s For Breakfast?
Carpark Records

1. You Already Know
2. Keep Me In Mind
3. One Call, That’s All
4. The Simple Life
5. Coasting On Fumes (feat. Jordana)
6. Kiss Me In The Rain
7. Heaven On Wheels
8. Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (feat. Pearl & The Oysters)
9. Cactus Flower
10. Don’t Stop Doing What You’re Doing
11. Singing For My Supper
12. Let’s Take It From The Top (feat. Jimmy Whispers)

Pre-order What’s For Breakfast? by Dent May HERE


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