“Visible Gravity” Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery has released a video 50-minute ambient piece “Visible Gravity,” which he described at the time as “an ode to those early and quiet moments in a night where the strobe light is still only a hopeful glimmer beyond the horizon, a sign of the euphoria to follow.” The release of the video comes ahead of his tour with Nine Inch Nails.

The visual was created by Matt&Dan, the art directors and designers who are also behind all of the artwork for Avery’s latest album Song For Alpha and accompanying EPs. They used the sound from “Visible Gravity” to manipulate different visual patterns and then handed the screen shot videos to producer Connor Campbell who cut all the footage together to create the one long piece.

“We came up with this concept after experimenting with sound waves and began to ask ourselves how we could evolve the process of how we recorded the album cover further and bring this new world to life unlike the static images we have captured before,” Matt&Dan explain. “This time we imported the mix into Abelton and used an Oscilloscope to view the waveforms. We then added various plug-ins which let us manipulate the frequencies which gave us a live visual representation in a totally new way to how we have created previous artworks.”

“After listening through the mix, we felt that it should be a much more gradual process of introducing shapes and patterns that evolve over a few minutes rather than a few seconds. Also, in a way that tells a bit of a story (i.e. the lines come in and grow larger / move apart for the little circle to move up to the center, eventually forming a central point for the rings to move forward in z-space). We think the visuals could grow a bit in complexity always linked to the music tempo, as this feels really satisfying and you enter a dream-like state towards the end, where you feel like you have ‘arrived.’ The visuals recorded by us were taken to new levels with collaborator Connor Campbell who was able to bring so much more life to the animations and visualization of the project.”

Song For Alpha, Avery’s second album which is out now via Phantasy/Mute in the US and Canada and via Phantasy worldwide, is Avery’s exploration of the space in which home listening and club music intersect.


October 14 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall ^
October 16 – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre ^
October 17 – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre ^
October 19 – Boston, MA – Boch Center ^
October 20 – Manchester, England – Warehouse Project (curated by Daniel Avery)
October 26 – Bilbao, Spain – BIME Live
October 27 – Caen, France – Nordik Impakt
October 31 – Derry, Northern Ireland – The Bunker
November 3 – Paris, France – Pitchfork Festival
November 9 – Prague, Czech Republic – Radio Wave Stimul Festival, Meet Factory
November 10 – Brussels, Belgium – Bozarnight
November 13 – Glasgow, Scotland – Sub Club
November 24 – London, England – TBA (All Night Long)
November 25 – New Orleans, LA – Saenger Theater ^
November 27 – Irving, TX – The Pavilion at The Toyota Music Factory ^
November 28 – Irving, TX – The Pavilion at The Toyota Music Factory ^

^ with Nine Inch Nails