Miss Gritt Releases ‘Follow The Cyborg Remixes’

Miss Grit AKA: Margaret Sohn has released a 7-track EP, Follow the Cyborg Remixes
Miss Gritt Photo Credit: Hoseon Sohn

Miss Grit AKA: Margaret Sohn (they/she), has released a 7-track EP, Follow the Cyborg Remixes, collating brand new remixes of tracks from their debut album. The EP features reworkings and remixes from Gilla Band’s Alan Duggan-Borges, who reinterprets the Korean language version of “Follow The Cyborg,” NY-based producer, and composer Aron Kobayashi Ritch (Momma), transdisciplinary artist Yaz Lancaster who recently performed with Miss Grit on their Stephen Colbert web performance, composer and visual artist Phong Tran, Kenyan composer and performer Nyokabi Kariũki, and NY-based hyperpop artists torr and Cyber Fairy.

Follow the Cyborg features the singles “Follow the Cyborg”,  and “electronic dissonance.”, “Nothing’s Wrong”, “Lain (Phone Clone)”, and “Like You.” It was recorded mostly in solitude in Sohn’s home studio, with the exception of a few guest collaborators joining: Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, Aron Kobayashi Ritch of Momma, and Pearla. Miss Grit pursues the path of a non-human machine, as it moves from its helpless origin to awareness and liberation. Sohn has always rejected the limits of identity thrust upon them by the outside world, in favor of embracing a more fluid and complex understanding of the self.

Miss Grit
Remix EP

1 . Perfect Blue (Aron Kobayashi Ritch Remix)
2 . Nothing’s Wrong (Phong Tran Remix)
3 . Lain (phone clone) [Yaz Lancaster Remix]
4 . Follow the Cyborg (CyberFairy Remix)
5 . 사이보그를 따라와 (Gilla Band / Alan Duggan-Borges Remix)
6 . Like You (Nyokabi Kariūki Remix)
7 . Syncing (torr Remix)

Miss Grit
Follow the Cyborg
Mute Records

1. Perfect Blue
2. Your Eyes Are Mine
3. Nothing’s Wrong
4. Lain (phone clone)
5. Buffering
6. Follow the Cyborg
7. 사이보그를 따라와
8. Like You
9. The End
10. Syncing

Purchase Follow The Cyborg Remixes by Miss Grit HERE


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