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Cursive announced their new album Devourer will arrive September 13, 2024, via Run For Cover Records and yer favourite streaming service
Cursive announced their new album Devourer will arrive September 13, 2024, via Run For Cover

Cursive announced their new album Devourer will arrive September 13, 2024, via Run For Cover Records. The album’s lead single “Up and Away” is also out now alongside a video directed by Brea Grant (12 Hour Shift, Torn Hearts) and starring Jonah Ray. The band has also announced a slew of tour dates this fall in support of the album, beginning October 18th with two hometown Omaha shows at The Waiting Room and including a November 3rd stop at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom.The album came together at Omaha’s ARC Studios was Marc Jacob Hudson (Against Me!, Thursday, Fireworks), who co-produced with the band.

“”Up And Away” is an unusual pop song, it kind of slinks about musically. I had the ‘up, up, up, up, up, up and away’ section of lyrics in my head from its inception but hadn’t planned on using something so bright, cheery and arguably trite…until it occurred to me that what I was really singing about was something floating away from me, something I was losing, not my personal elevation into some stratosphere. So, it stuck,” explains singer/guitarist Tim Kasher. “The video is the first in a series of horror-esque stories we’ve been planning for some time now, a collection of videos created by genre directors. Brea Grant conceived this story of a down-on-his-luck loafer who gets consumed by his own depression, swallowed into some surreal underworld of blanket forts where Cursive seems to be wallowing as well.”

“I am obsessive about consuming the arts,” he explains. “Music, film, literature. I’ve come to recognize that I devour all of these art forms then, in turn, create my own versions of these things and spew them out onto the world. It’s positive; you’re part of an ecosystem. But I quickly recognized that the term, ‘Devourer,’ may also embody something gnarly, sinister.” Devourer delves into that darker space. The characters populating the album have bottomless capacities for consumption, whether it’s resources, material goods, art, or even each other. Then they are consumed by larger forces, whether it’s humanity, Earth, dreams, time, or life itself. “Maybe a better word for it is imperialism,” Kasher says. “But it’s in many different forms. It’s not just the political. It’s personal imperialism and the imperialism of relationships, the way we imperialize one another, even ourselves.”

Now seven members strong (“We seem to be collecting band members over the years,” Kasher jokes), Cursive had a large musical toolbox to use on Devourer. Beyond the core trio of Kasher, bassist Matt Maginn, and guitarist/vocalist Ted Stevens, the band includes: keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Newbery; cellist Megan Siebe; and recording/touring drummer Pat Oakes and founding drummer Clint Schnase (the two trade drumming duties across Devourer, but join forces for a two-pronged percussive force in “Rookie”).

track listing
Run For Cover Records

1. Botch Job
2. Up and Away
3. The Avalanche of Our Demise
4. Imposturing
5. Rookie
6. Dead End Days
7. What The Fuck
8. Bloodbather
9. Dark Star
10. Consumers
11. What Do We Do Now
12. The Age of Impotence
13. The Loss

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