Tim Kasher Announces ‘Middling Age’ LP

Tim Kasher has announced his new solo 'Middling Age' LP, will drop on April 15, 2022 via Passenger Records/Thirty Something Records
Tim Kasher has announced his new solo 'Middling Age' LP

Tim Kasher (Cursive and The Good Life), has announced his fourth solo album, Middling Age, will drop on April 15th, 2022, via 15 Passenger Records (via Thirty Something Records in Europe). Along with the news, he has shared the album track “I Don’t Think About You” (ft. vocals by Megan Siebe). “‘I Don’t Think About You’ is a song that came together fairly quickly for me as I absentmindedly hummed the title over and over again whilst working out the chords. The conceit reminds me a little of ‘I Got My Mind Set On You,’ a song that repeats its refrain endlessly as a means of suggesting a certain obsession, so I thought I’d approach this song similarly. The obsession is over someone who has since gone, leaving the narrator alone amongst the detritus of a life they once shared,” Kasher explains. “The video was something I could do at home, alone, during pandemic times. I’ve always appreciated that New Order video for ‘Round And Round,’ a bevy of models staring blankly at the screen. I thought I’d do something along those lines, but unfortunately it’s just a bunch of versions of me staring at the screen in lieu of attractive models.”

Kasher had already written much of what would become Middling Age prior to the pandemic, but with the world locked down and touring not an option, he opted to continue working on the songs while homebound. With studios shuttered, he cobbled together a lineup of musicians from around the country to help him craft the record remotely. A large cast of friends and collaborators all recorded their parts at home, including: Jayson Gerycz of Cloud Nothings, providing all the percussion from his studio in Cleveland, Ohio; Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!), from Chicago, IL, sings a verse of “Forever Of The Living Dead,” to which Jeff Rosenstock also supplies a dazzling saxophone solo from Los Angeles, CA; Cursive bandmates Patrick Newbery and Megan Siebe, offering trumpet and cello, respectively, from Omaha, Nebraska; and Macey Taylor of The Mystic Valley Band, providing the amazing bass line for “100 Ways To Paint A Bowl Of Limes” from Birmingham, AL. Kasher’s niece, a budding songwriter at age 9, wrote and performed opener “Long Days,” and also sings the album’s final notes.

Tim Kasher
Middling Age
track listing
15 Passenger Records/Thirty Something Records

1. Middling Age Anxiety Prologue (feat. ‘Long Days’ By Natalie Tetro)
2. I Don’t Think About You
3. What Are We Doing
4. The John Jouberts
5. 100 Ways To Paint A Bowl Of Limes
6. On My Knees
7. You Don’t Gotta Beat Yourself Up About It
8. Life Coach
9. Whisper Your Death Wish
10. Up And Cut Me Loose
11. Forever Of The Living Dead

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