Coucheron debuts video for “Loud”

Coucheron debuts new video for "Loud".

Coucheron is well known for producing Kehlani’s “Alive” from her album ‘You Should Be Here’. Today, the 22-year-old is back working on his own material and has released the double A-side single ‘Loud’/’Puzzled’. Much like his back catalogue so far, Coucheron isn’t one to be pigeonholed and both of these singles are just as eclectic as his other work to date. Today, you can watch as he debuts his new video for the single “Loud”.

The first ‘Loud’ shows his more contemporary side. With an infectious and well-layered rhythm, the track can be seen as a kin to the forward-thinking electronic music currently being produced by other artists such as Mura Masa and Flume.

While its sister single ‘Puzzled’ is a far more upbeat affair. With dancefloor-inspired direction, this high-energy track is more of a PC Music-meets-Garage tip with its nods to the 2-step culture and glossy pop eccentricities.

‘Loud’/’Puzzled’ is now available via Toothfairy.