“Concession Stand Girl” Naomi Alligator

Naomi Alligator, AKA: multi-media artist Corrinne James, has revealed her new album Concession Stand Girl, will drop on October 24, vis Carpark Records debut. Along with the news, Naomi Alligator has shared a video animated by James for the EP’s title track and lead single.

Inspired by the sparse and confessional qualities of Liz Phair’s early portastudio recordings, James uses the project as her own musical journal to share and process personal anecdotes. Her modern folk production and poetic songwriting links the sounds of artists like Joan Baez and Steeleye Span to a 21st century context.

On the title track for Concession Stand Girl that opens the EP, James sings the inner monologue of an unappreciated ticket-taker at a high school football game. James plucks a sparkly banjo and sings details of the concession stand girl’s relationship to each of the spectators who must go through her to enter the game.

“I only used to go to high school football games to see my crushes. I was always really nervous and excited to be seen by the whole school at night. Everything felt personal and yet overwhelming, especially on the bleachers when standing under the giant lights,” says James. “The Concession Stand Girl runs a stand at a high school football game. Her job is to observe the crowd and cater to their needs, but she goes unnoticed. This song is about all of the people that go unnoticed and the dynamic lives that they lead. Sometimes we exist as The Concession Stand Girl and other times we exist as the people that walk by.”

Naomi Alligator
Concession Stand Girl EP
Carpark Records
Track List

1. Concession Stand Girl
2. Momma
3. Anywhere Else
4. Big Blue World

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