CLTB collaborates with James Mercer

Kyle Crane AKA: CLTB has collaborated on his single "Wishing Cap" with James Mercer of the Shins. As well, the, track is accompanied with an anninated video
CLTB collaborates with James Mercer on "Wishing Cap"

Kyle Crane has been a member of touring bands for Neko Case, Daniel Lanois, M. Ward, and more. His solo album Crane Like The Bird arrives on January 18th. Recently, he shared a video for lead single “Nicole,” featuring Band of Horses singer Ben Bridwell.

Now Crane AKA: CLTB, shares another taste, with the video for second album single “Wishing Cap” featuring James Mercer of The Shins as vocalist. Created by Tim Lierman, the video is a metaphor for being transported back in time. After placing the wishing cap on, the hero is transported with the task of healing a world that has fallen apart. The world represents Crane’s own heart after his father passed away.

Crane on “Wishing Cap”:

“When I would visit my Grandparents i would stay in my father’s old room that he grew up in. One time I was rummaging through the closet and I found an old shoe box with letters and an old green baseball cap in the closet. I thought ‘what if I put this hat on and it gives me special powers and I can climb through that old photo on the wall and be transported to the past’”

Steeped in autobiography, Crane Like The Bird is akin to gazing out different windows of the same childhood house. Crane’s pilot father, Jeff was a Coast Guard lieutenant out of Humboldt Bay, CA; his helicopter went down in a 1997 search-and-rescue mission, leaving the family shattered. The album tells the story of the time leading up to his father’s death and the effects on them – everything from the music to the album art that includes his father’s old pilot logs and maps, and the album cover photo of his mother at the site of the crash on the cliffs of Mendocino, throwing a rose out to sea.

“The album touches on love, loss and memory, but also ski lifts and Nintendo, making it clear that romance songs don’t have a monopoly on the universal human experience.” Collaborators on the album include Conor Oberst on lush track “When I See” featuring Daniel Lanois on pedal steel and Kurt Rosenwinkel on electric guitar, James Mercer on jangly, fast-driving opener “Wishing Cap,” Luke Steele on synth-laced “Mendocino,” Peter Morén on New Wave–inflected “Glass Half Full” and Sabina Sciubba in spoken French on the shimmering “Kaleidoscope,” blossoming under jazz pianist Brad Mehldau.