Chuck Berry Posthumously Shares New Track

Chuck Berry Shares New Single, "Lady B. Goode"

“Johnny B. Goode” is perhaps Chuck Berry’s most iconic song. It was ranked #7 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All-Time and is the only rock and roll song included on 1977’s Voyager Golden Record, intended to represent life and culture on Earth to extraterrestrial beings. Today, the song gets a spiritual sequel in “Lady B. Goode,” the latest single from the forthcoming album CHUCK, due out June 9 on Dualtone Records, an Entertainment One Company. CHUCK is the final studio album and first new music in nearly four decades from the founding rock and roll legend, who passed away in March at the age of 90.

Following the release of first singles “Big Boys” and “Wonderful Woman,” early praise began pouring in for CHUCK. The New Yorker says that CHUCK shows that “after all those years of duck-walking, crisscrossing the United States on tour, and giving his disciples and imitators hell, the man still had it.” Rolling Stone said the album finds Berry “raging against the dying of the light, but in a vulnerable and tender way his earlier music had not prepared us for,” while The Guardian raved that CHUCK “proves the late rock’n’roller was brimming with energy until the very end.” Uncut remarked that “Berry has as much to say about life and death as Cash and Bowie and Cohen did on their final albums.”

CHUCK Track List:

Wonderful Woman
Big Boys
You Go To My Head
3/4 Time (Enchiladas)
Lady B. Goode
She Still Loves You
Jamaica Moon
Eyes Of Man

Listen to “Lady B. Goode” below, which features guitar work from three generations of the Berry family — Chuck, Charles Jr., and Charles III.