Cherry Glazerr Shares New Song/Video “Ready For You”

Cherry Glazer Shares New Song/Video "Ready For You"
Cherry Glazer Photo by Maddy Rotman

Cherry Glazerr’s Clementine Creevy recently announced the release of her newest album, I Don’t Want You Anymore, set to come out September 29th on Secretly Canadian. Today, she released “Ready For You,” a song that is centered on a massive, staticky guitar riff that solidifies the fact that at heart, the new album is a rock album.

Creevy explains, “At the start of the pandemic, I was writing a lot in the box, what I call ‘computer music’ since I’m technologically challenged,” Creevy says. “It was fun to experiment, but after a while, I just really missed rock.”

On the meaning of the song, Creevy explains, “‘Ready For You’ is about being so ashamed of yourself that you can’t look people in the eye, and it’s also about pushing people away because of being scared of hurting them with your own bullshit. Sometimes I feel scared about infecting people with my own troubles, and I just want to hide because then I can save them from myself. This song helps me move through it and confront those feelings of inadequacy, I hope it does that for other people too.”

Cherry Glazerr has also released the official video for the song. Directed by Sarah Ritter, Creevy says “this video was such a beautiful thing to make together. We rented this cool old car and old motel room out in Joshua Tree and shot everything there. The band came out and we did all those shots performing in the back of a moving UHaul and it was 118 degrees in the desert. Sarah and Fonz, the guy who plays my love in the video, and the whole crew, brought such good energy to the whole project. This was one of my favorite videos I’ve ever done.”

I Don’t Want You Anymore tracklist:

1. Addicted To Your Love
2. Bad Habit
3. Ready For You
4. Touch You With My Chaos
5. Soft Like A Flower
6. Sugar
7. Golden
8. Wild Times
9. Eat You Like A Pill
10. Shattered
11. I Don’t Want You Anymore

Pre-order I Don’t Want You Anymore HERE.


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