Cherry Glazerr Debuts “Sugar”

Cherry Glazerr debuts new video for "Sugar." The track is off the artist forthcoming release I Don't Want You Anymore, out September 29th
Cherry Glazerr Photo credit: Maddy Rotman

Cherry Glazerr has shared a new song today from her forthcoming new album, I Don’t Want You Anymore, out September 29th on Secretly Canadian. Movies have always played a role in Creevy’s songwriting, and many of the songs on the new album can be described visually. With today’s release of “Sugar,” Clementine Creevy AKA: Cherry Glazerr pictured playing it in a dark, seedy club. “That song tickles the part of my brain that loves driving really late at night,” she says.

Says Creevy, “‘Sugar’ is one of my favorite songs on the album. I actually started it with Jonny Pierce from The Drums and he had that sick bassline. We then built everything around it, and he had this idea to do a big ‘I’M YOUR SUGAAAR’ towards the end of the song which gives it this fun kinda dancy lift.” The song is accompanied by a video which Creevy explains, “I always imagined a nighttime gritty kind of visual for this song, so Sami (Perez, bassist) and I shot the video with our genius friend Gabe Ross, and he got Emily (Whittemore) to strip for it and Chad ( Damiani) to do his beautiful dancing— ultimately we created this funny kind of bizzaro nighttime video, which I think fits the song perfectly. It’s about feeling used by someone else and you know it’s wrong, but you feel like you can be their little bit of sweetness and that feels kinda good in a twisted way.”

“Sugar” follows the previously released single “Soft Like A Flower.”

Cherry Glazerr
I Don’t Want You Anymore
Secretly Canadian

1. Addicted To Your Love
2. Bad Habit
3. Ready For You
4. Touch You With My Chaos
5. Soft Like A Flower
6. Sugar
7. Golden
8. Wild Times
9. Eat You Like A Pill
10. Shattered
11. I Don’t Want You Anymore

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