“Changed The Locks” by High Water

“Changed The Locks” by High Water (Lucinda Williams' cover).

High Water, a.k.a Will Epstein, recently announced his debut album Crush, due out June 24th on Other People. With today’s announcement he shares the single, “Changed The Locks,” a psychedelic dub cover of a Lucinda Williams classic. Crush follows Epstein’s 2013 The Beautiful Moon 12.”

Epstein is a son of downtown Manhattan who came of age speaking in saxophone. For many moons, he recorded, performed, and alchemized the pregnant silence with Nicolas Jaar, a dear friend since childhood, long before either knew how to spin a tune. The High Water multi-instrumentalist solo-style gestated while opening up several tours for Darkside, Jaar’s band with Dave Harrington. He is active in the NYC improv scene: he regularly shrieks the sweet horn and tweezes the waveforms, jams live scores to cinema reels, and collaborates liberally with fellow aural voyagers—especially Harrington, whose lightning rod guitar work peppers Crush. John Coltrane is his patron saint, and John Zorn his relentless guru. He has grown a deep love for Bob Dylan and his endless, shape-shifter’s myth. These three titanic influences share a spiritualism—a volatile energy to create and destroy the self, to sublimate raw humanity into something impossible and eternal. He sings: “dream about me from ahigh, call me names I can’t contain.”

High Water – Crush
(Other People – June 24th)
Moonlight Mind
Bad Touch
Woman in the Dunes
Changed the Locks
Run Around You
Railroad Song (reprise)


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