Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard “30,000 Megabucks”

"30,000 Megabucks" by Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now out via Missing Piece/Communion
"30,000 Megabucks" by Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, recently released their new single “30,000 Megabucks.” The track, is the first new music from the Welsh band, since the The Non-Stop EP, their debut release on Missing Piece Records/Communion. The band have also announced a live stream event The Beautiful Show, which will combine a live performance from with appearances from some very special guests, all from the opulent surroundings of Cardiff Bay’s Portland House – the building where the first ever £1,000,000 check was cashed.

“”30,000 Megabucks” combines the idea of nuclear devastation with stickin’ it to the man, all while bursting with typical Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard rock’n’roll swagger”. Frontman Tom Rees explains: “‘30,000 Megabucks’ was inspired by a seemingly ridiculous but very real request from an old publishing agency that I was with, who wanted £30,000 to release me from the deal. It all turned out fine in the end, but back then I was so furious that I decided to put pen to paper to ‘take down the man’ as it were. The ‘Mega’ element comes from the total amount of nuclear bombing power required to completely devastate all human life on planet Earth, which is 30,000 megatons. I had been watching a lot of Chernobyl documentaries and also a film called Threads, so a small part of me was quite excited when they asked for £30k because the narrative locked in quite well. For that reason it was sure to be a hit – take that, man! We used to play the riff in sound check just because it sounded like AC/DC and we even played it as one of the walk-on songs on Soccer AM when we were on there. When we play it live it goes on for like fifteen minutes!”

The Show will be broadcast live at 7PM GMT/2PM ET/11AM PT on December 9th, and available to watch on demand for 24 hours for viewers around the globe. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard also launched their new online TV show BEAUTIFUL DOMES last month – a combination of found footage from the Welsh Socialist Broadcasting company, along with a new voice over and live performances from the band. The first of three episodes, entitled ‘The Red Planet’ which sees the band stranded on Mars, is streaming now HERE.