Benjamin Munoz shares new track “Melle”

Benjamin Munoz Melle

UK label-on-the-up Push & Run welcome Canadian producer Benjamin Muñoz into the fold with new single, ‘Melle’ — a primer for his debut EP proper, coming later in 2017.

Available for free download, ‘Melle’ was inspired by Nina Simone, iconic Jazz pianist, Ahmad Jamal, and Crazy Bald Head’s ‘First Born’ single, released back in 1998 — a diverse mix of influences that manifests itself in the complexity of Muñoz’s music. He aims to make underground dance music as though, in his own words, “taken from the worlds of anime series like Cowboy Bebop, FLCL and Tekkonkinkreet to name a few.”

Having also spent two years in the UK — one in Leeds and the other in Bristol — Muñoz’s grasp of UK dance sub-genres is solid, although his musical experiences in the UK owed more to a video game he played as a child (‘Jet Set Radio Future’) than the ‘dark dance music’ he was expecting.

‘Melle’ itself serves up a heady mix of sounds that nods to all his experiences, and is predominantly inspired by classic jazz; think smooth, sleek piano melodies, subtle, fuzzy bass tones and hazy vocal sampling, all off-set by crunchy percussive textures and off-kilter rhythms.

Given his abstract approach to making music and the processes that underpin his work, ‘Melle’ is a compelling introduction to a producer who ought to be on everybody’s radar in 2017.

Upcoming Dates:
Friday March 24th @ The Baltimore House – Hamilton ON, Canada with U.S Girls/Zena/Gasoline Gathers Hands, Gathers Friends!


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