“Bearfights” by Captions

"Bearfights" by Captions is Northern Transmissions' Song of the Day'.

Today, California band’s new single “Bearfight” is Northern Transmissions’ ‘Song of the Day’. Produced by Jacob Summers (Avid Dancer) and Leif Davidsen of Los Angeles founded recording studio, Gypsy Sound Studios, CAPTIONS.’ debut full length album, ITERATIONS.

“Bearfights”, the first track off of ITERATIONS, takes a grounded approach to angst through focused melodies and wandering riffs. On the evolution of the LP, lead singer, John Figueroa, relays “there was a plethora of different events that inspired both the making of the music, and the words that are being sung. Mostly, channeling different experiences we’ve had and figuring out ways to condense those experiences into a few lines, then trying to entwine them together to form a whole new story altogether.”

Consisting of John Figueroa, Joshua Zacarias, Marcus Paquini, and Adam Gangi,