“Bad Dream” By Azure Ray

"Bad Dream" By Azure Ray is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off their forthcoming release Remedy
"Bad Dream" By Azure Ray

Azure Ray, recently shared share “Bad Dream” the band’s new single off their forthcoming release Remedy out June 18 via Flower Moon Records. “”Bad Dream'” is our summer jam. It is more of an exhale; a drive with the windows down song. All of the songs on Remedy were written during the pandemic, so they all have elements of the struggles we faced this past year. ‘Bad Dream’ combines these anxieties but traces them through our past, questioning how our subconscious state of mind dictates our decisions.”

Remedy was Produced by Brandon Walters (Lord Huron, Joshua Radin), the band worked individually through the COVID-19 pandemic across three separate recording locations in southern California to craft Azure Ray’s first full length album in 10 years. With Remedy, Taylor and Fink sought to explore new structural arrangements and sonic dynamics, providing Walters with both the creative direction and freedom to expand upon the bands long-established ambient sound. Reoccurring themes of tragedy, chaos and anxiety present from the very first Azure Ray record (as a result of immense personal loss) reveal themselves with new meaning set against a world – not just their own lives – in turmoil. However impartial it sounds, the result is the best version of Azure Ray ever captured to tape (or computer). It’s the same Maria and Orenda who have lulled us through devastating agony and lifted our hearts over the last two decades, unchanged in their ability to find beauty in darkness, hope in desolation.

Flower Moon Records was founded in 2016 by Maria Taylor (Azure Ray) and is now home to Taylor, Orenda Fink and Azure Ray’s complete discography. FMR has also released records from Radnor & Lee (actor/director Josh Radnor and Australian pop-folk singer Ben Lee), Taylor Hollingsworth (of Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band), Louis Schefano (singer-songwriter, producer/engineer), as well as reissuing O+S and Art In Manilla’s catalog

Azure Ray
Remedy Track List
Flower Moon Records

1. Swallowing Swords
2. Bad Dream
3. Phantom Lover
4. Already Written
5. Remedy
6. Desert Waterfall
7. Grow What You Want and How Wild
8. The Swan
9. 29 Palms
10. I Don’t Want to Want To


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