Orenda Fink shares single “Mighty Mist”

Orenda Fink shares single "Mighty Mist." Originally out as a 7." The Track was recently remixed by Ben Brodin

The track “Mighty Mist” was originally released as a limited edition 7″ on Bocca Lupo Records in 2010 and featured a stripped down version of the O+S track “New Life” as the b-side. The songs were recently remixed by Ben Brodin at Omaha’s ARC studios and were released digitally for the first time on June 16 on Saddle Creek.

Orenda Fink is a founding member of Azure Ray and is a member of O+S, Harouki Zombi and formerly Art In Manila. She has released three solo albums on Saddle Creek. On her debut solo album Invisible Ones, Orenda explored traditional Haitian ritual and mysticism. She then followed that up with an examination of the Southern Gothic subconscious on Ask the Night. Needless to say, death has been visible in much of her music. In 2014, Orenda released her third solo LP Blue Dream which may be her most focused, intense, and personal album to date. The LP doesn’t shy away from her style of exploring the darker edges of spirituality and the human condition, as Orenda was inspired to write the songs for Blue Dream after her beloved dog of 16 years, Wilson, passed away. Orenda started to see a psychotherapist who specialized in dream analysis. Through these sessions, which included writing in a dream journal every day, ideas for the album came forth.

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