“Baby Bangs” by Snarls

"Baby Bangs" by Snarls is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
Snarls photo by photo by Sumner Howells

After the recent announcement of their new Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie, Foxing, Ratboys) -produced album, With Love, alongside the single “Heavy Drinker,” Snarls share another track from the record with “baby bangs.” The album was recorded at Walla’s studio in Norway, it was the first time the band had ventured outside of their home country.

Vocalist and songwriter Chloe White spends most of the track unpacking her own self-destructive insecurities, but in a way that also works as a statement on unrealistic beauty standards and how they can negatively impact our ways of interacting with the world and others. “It’s hard to understand why I care about what I look like more than who I am,” she sings. “That was a lyric I didn’t feel like I had to overthink, it was just true. Simultaneously, putting the pieces together as a band felt natural. When I brought the song to Mick’s basement, it wasn’t long before everyone was on the same page.”

With Love was mostly written during sessions when the entire band vocalist/guitarist Chlo White, bassist/vocalist Riley Hall, and guitarist/vocalist Mick Martinez were in the room together, even down to the lyrics. The band explains – “We wrote this record during a time of serious introspection for the whole group, and it covers all kinds of topics from love to loss, confidence to self-loathing, all the various ups and downs we’ve gone through in such a transformative period of time”.

With Love

1. With Love
2. Big Fish
3. Heavy Drinker
4. Baby Bangs
5. Moon Tides
6. Driving Faster
7. Wishing Bones
8. Star Power
9. Sugar Rush
10. Ur Song / Lovers Of Valdaro

Snarls 2024 Tour Dates

5.30: Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
5.31: Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s
6.01: Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary
6.02: Toronto, ON @ Monarch
6.04: Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto
6.05: Philadelphia, PA @ Philamoca
6.06: New York, NY @ Elsewhere
6.08: Washington, D.C. @ DC9
6.10: Boston, MA @ Rockwell
6.14: Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups

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