Astrologer Shares Why Don’t You Love Me “Anymore?”

Astrologer have shared their new single "Why Don't You Like Me Anymore? The track is off the duo's new album Legerdemain (L)
Astrologer have shared their new single "Why Don't You Like Me Anymore?

Astrologer is the musical project of songwriter Andrew Cameron Cline, which features various collaborators, mixing various influences into an experimental pop mosaic. With material both personal and universal, disparate, and familiar, the common thread running through Astrologer’s songs is Cline’s whimsical sincerity and wonder. Astrologer was created by lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Drew Cline roughly a year ago in Phoenix Arizona where the band currently resides. Candy Caballero joins Cline throughout the album as a lead & backup vocalist.

Today, the duo has shared “Why Don’t You Like Me Anymore?,” the final single off their 7-track debut EP, Legerdemain (L), which drops today via Lolipop Records. The album was produced by Wyatt Blair at Lolipop’s Savannah Studios. On the single, the band says, “The song ‘Why Don’t You Like Me Anymore?’ is about estrangement and the feeling of rejection. Like so many other love songs, it is about people who traipse through our lives and disappear.”

Speaking on the EP itself, they said, “Legerdemain means ‘sleight-of-hand.’ It is an album split into two parts, the left and right hand. On the left side, an EP comprised of songs that, for me, evoke a sense of melancholy. Grief, loss, and ‘The Call of The Void’ are things that are found here. On the other hand (Legerdemain R), we will find a warm and blissful place, full of new hope and love.”

Order Legerdemain (L) by Astrologer HERE


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