“american cowboy song” by Fan Girl

"american cowboy song" by Fan Girl. The Australian band's latest single is now available via Believe/Mandatory Music
Fan Girl Photo credit: Jess Hauenstein

Australian band Fan Girl have returned with new single “american cowboy song”. The track is now aviailable via Mandatory Music, a subsidiary of Believe.
“american cowboy song is about sincerity and bravado, and the line we walk between them. It plays with the question, do we become the roles that we inhabit, or are we just actors? And if it’s the latter, does that have an impact on us and the people around us? Also, what is it actually like to be an American Cowboy?”

“The song started as a silly, glitchy beat that we saw something in, and decided to flesh out and overcomplicate. In true Fan Girl spirit, we turned it into something more colourful, obnoxious and cheeky. We recorded this song in the throes of a cruel Melbourne spring (cruel, cruel springtime) at our studio Taste Police. With pollen in the air, and asthma puffers in our pockets, we tracked this one with the whole band in tow. We then sent it over to Aaron Cupples (Blanck Mass, Broken Social Scene) in LDN, to work his mixing magic on it. He optimistically put the mix on a hard drive and sent it over on a cheap Ryanair flight to Sweden, where the wonderful Henke Jonsson then mastered it. Aaron’s prized Toshiba harddrive remains in Sweden to this very day.”

order “american cowboy song” by Fan Girl HERE


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