“stupidstupid” by Fan Girl

Known for their eclectic mix of colour, chaos and catchiness, Australian outfit Fan Girl are back today with an explosive, mischievous, and catchy new single, “stupidstupid.”

“stupidstupid” is a song about a doomed relationship, an inevitable crumble, an almost comical disconnect between two people. As much as it feels like it’s going well, eventually it’s all going to fall apart. Sonically, the song is playful and angular, but still tows a strong line of darkness and chaos. Mostly chaos. “stupidstupid” started as a glimmer of hope, an idea based around a monstrosity of chords at a frenetic pace, some wild woodwind, and a sticky vocal hook to hold on to throughout the rollercoaster.

We truly hope the hooks and chaos are still intact. Not much else is.

The release is paired with a ridiculous music video, dreamed up (and since regretted) by the band. In the words of the band, “a stupid song deserves a stupid video”.

Stream “stupidstupid” HERE.


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