Alfie Templeman “Forever Isn’t Long Enough”

Alfie Templeman has released his new single “Forever Isn’t Long Enough.” The track is available, today via Chess Club Records
Alfie Templeman “Forever Isn’t Long Enough"

Alfie Templeman has released his new single “Forever Isn’t Long Enough.” The track is available, today via Chess Club Records. It is the first single from Alfie Templeman since the release of hsi EP Happiness In Liquid Form in July this year.

From Templeman:

“Some days I can’t stop thinking about how short life is and how you only have so much time to spend with the ones you love. Deep, right? Honestly I’ve made so many songs with the titles “Forever Isn’t Long Enough” but this one felt the most meaningful.” Despite only being 17, “Forever…” creates a space for Templeman to share some newfound wisdom: “I’m still way too young to give anyone life advice, but this track to me is about how I’ve noticed that the further away you are from your memories, the closer they are to your heart.”

The track’s title carries even more poignancy, given Templeman’s diagnosis of childhood lung disease following a stint in hospital last year. “It doesn’t really bother me, but I’m one of those ”’vulnerable to Covid-19” people, so I’ve been shielding since March,” he reveals. “It’s been a long summer!” Until the diagnosis, Templeman and his family thought he had bad asthma. You wouldn’t think he had any sort of condition to hear him – or, indeed, see him onstage. “It can get messy,” he laughs. His gigs, including a sold-out first London headline show at COLOURS in Hoxton earlier this year, are raucous affairs, filled by screaming fans only too happy to catch him whenever he hurls himself offstage. After a string of UK performances in 2019, including his triumphant BBC Radio 1 Introducing Set at Reading and Leeds festival, Templeman is eager to get back to it.

A reminder to live life in full colour, the music video works as a perfect visual aide to the heart and soul of the track. Directed by Thomas Davis. “I’ve always wanted to make a really colourful video and this hit the spot. Thomas and crew did a wicked job of capturing how no matter what age you are, you just gotta have a bit of fun! That’s really what the song is about,” says Templeman.

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