young truck Premieres ‘When You Feel Normal’

young truck Premieres 'When You Feel Normal'

young truck is the brainchild of Toronto based Musician Rory Hanchard of Pants + Tie and previously of Toronto band Thighs. young truck lays down ambient techno funky sounds that make you reminisce of the days whereby electronic music was a simple combination of imagination and inner exploration. Leaning on dedicated use of both old and new technologies with heavy focus on analog and fm synthesis during production, the result is a hazy, groovy and deep sound that conjures a spectrum of imagery.

In his own words:

“the studio gets too warm in the winter, it’s got too many bad coffee cups and empty tubes of beer lying around. the baby’s coming in a couple of months, better get this thing wrapped. this box leads to that, some of it’s real but i’ll never tell. somehow a part time job was enough, sold a couple of things, traded a few more, used and reused the others. guessed at the mix as best as i could, made some deliberate mistakes, some awkward choices, counter intuition. ”

TechnoFunk Records is proud and delighted to share the latest edition to their musical roster with us.


TechnoFunk Records is proud to introduce you to the first release from young truck on TechnoFunk entitled “when you feel normal. this EP takes you back to early Aphex Twin, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia and The Future Sound of London.

The full EP from young truck will be available by the usual vendors on October 30th. Meanwhile, check it out and we will see you when you feel normal.