Young Man In A Hurry Debut New Singles

Chicago indie band Young Man In A Hurry, have released two new singles "Heavenly Parking Spot," and In the Spring." The songs follow their recent release...
Young Man in a Hurry

This past March, Young Man In A Hurry, released their Brian Deck-produced (Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine) debut album. With the band on a creative roll, the Chicago indie quintet have released two more singles “In The Spring” and “Heavenly Parking Spot.” Usual practice up to this point entailed frontman Matt Baron crafting the songs in solitude before plopping them onto the laps of his accompanying outfit, but “In The Spring” and “Heavenly Parking Spot” were conceived live and improvised, each member of the five-piece present and fully mic’d.

Matt Baron on “In The Spring” and “Heavenly Parking Spot:”

“”In the Spring” is an in-the-moment, stream-of-conscious existential realization when long-awaited best laid plans were put on pause indefinitely. Its lyrics came to through the experience of articulating what was known within, and only arrived at by expressing outwardly with abandon. “Heavenly Parking Spot” lived in me for a long-time, the title at least. As I improvised the lyrics in rehearsal, a metaphor of the title and lyrics as feeling comfortable in the middle, not better or worse than any person or situation, became clear. The words are an internal prayer that came to life in a quasi-emo scream. The words describe a spot and attitude where I aspire to be, even though my mind takes me out that zone all the time.”