“Many Things” Young Man In A Hurry

"Many Things" by Young Man In A Hurry is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Many Things" by Young Man In A Hurry

Young Man In A Hurry release their debut full-length Jarvis on March 27. The Chicago band released their latest single off the album. “Many Things.” Jarvis was produced and mixed by Brian Deck (Counting Crows, Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine).

Young Man In A Hurry’s Matt Baron on “Many Things:”

“This song’s refrain poured out – “I’m an old man, I’m a young man, I’m a no one” — it was a stark realization but a relief. Despite veering off the conventional path I was on (being married in my late 20s/early 30s), and feeling like I was at an age when I should have life figured out, I realized I had so much time in front of me for whatever life brings. Most importantly, I realized that neither me nor the divorce situation is that special or unique in the scheme of the world writ large. Though very impactful and gut-wrenching to me personally, life goes on despite the people around us, whether we like it or not. It’s especially resonant today.”

The band formed around a friendship between songwriter and frontman Matt Baron and drummer Meyer Horn. The project evolved into a full-fledged four-piece after inviting bassist Nick Harris and cellist Teddy Rankin-Parker to round out the group. Their debut album features a vibrant meld of Chicago musicians and guest stars spanning David Vandervelde (Father John Misty), Jon Graboff (Willie Nelson, Norah Jones), Ryan Keberle (David Byrne, Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent), Sima Cunningham (Jeff Tweedy, Chance The Rapper, Ohmme), and more. Lead guitarist David Taylor is the band’s newest addition and joins them on tour.

Brian Deck says of working with Young Man In A Hurry, “As I spoke with Matt and started rehearsing with his band, it became clear that something special could come of this project. His lyrics were impressionistic but not vague, kind of psychedelic but grounded. His song craft is traditional but a little askew and his influences were obviously varied and interesting. I am very proud of all of us who helped make this record so beautiful and powerful and compelling. I hope you enjoy it and that it reveals new things with each listen.”

The album is named Jarvis after a man Baron calls “the kindest person I’ve ever met” and the owner of his 120-year-old residence. “He bought the house in the 90’s when the area was skid row. Now, Google Chicago and million dollar condos are a stone’s throw from his front door. He’s cool without trying to be, in evergreen ways like his unchanging interests in classical music (he only listens to WFMT), quality shoes, 501s, Hermès ties, and bacon.” For Young Man In A Hurry, Jarvis is a real person and friend, as well as an infinite symbol of unconditional love, timelessness, and unfazed joy — themes naturally central to a record now his namesake.

Young Man In A Hurry

1. A Natural Love
2. Give Me Patience
3. Meadow
4. Many Things
5. Tired Of The Telephone
6. Wind to Blow
7. Larkin
8. Joëlle
9. Eau Claire

Young Man In A Hurry
Live Dates

March 28 Chicago, IL @ Schubas
April 01 Champaign, IL @ Exile on Main Street
April 02 Madison, WI @ The Winnebago
April 03 Milwaukee, WI @ Pabst Tap Room
April 04 Minneapolis, MN @ Park Wolf
April 10 Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
April 13 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge