“With” By Pearla

Singer/songwriter Pearla, recently shared “With,” the latest single off her forthcoming debut album, Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming, available February 10th, 2023, via Spacebomb Records. The song is out now alongside a new self-directed video.

“‘With’ is an ode to solitude. It’s about accessing a certain kind of magic when I’m alone, that I haven’t quite learned how to hold onto amongst others. In this song, the ‘with’ is not referring to another person, but to the Earth and the giant magnitude of the whole universe. Being alone, but ‘with’ everything,” explains Nicole Rodriguez, aka Pearla. “I directed and edited this video and Tyler Postiglione, who produced the record, shot it. We recorded half of the footage near my childhood home at Turkey Swamp Park, which is referenced later in the album, and the other half in my apartment. Directing/editing is brand new territory to me, and a lot of this was just play and experimentation. I really wanted to capture what solitude feels like for me. In the process, it became more about connecting with and honoring my inner child.”

Pearla’s personal curiosities include finger puppets, writing songs with children, Virginia Woolf’s prose, and consulting the I Ching. She makes music the same way she moves through the world: mystified. On her 2019 EP Quilting & Other Activities.

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