Winds Debut Video For “The Way You Feel”

Los Angeles band Winds have released a video for “The Way You Feel.” The track is off the groups forthcoming and debut release Look At The Sky
Winds "The Way You Make Me Feel"

Los Angeles band Winds have released a new video for “The Way You Feel,” directed by he video was directed by Alec Basse, (Joey Purp, Post Animal.)  The track is off the groups forthcoming and debut release Look At The Sky, available April 9, 2021 via Natural Music, the new label started by singer/songwriter Lia Ices. Fans who dig Belle & Sebastian, the sounds of Flying Nun Records, will definitely develop a love for Winds.

Winds was formed in 2019 by artists John Zabawa and Newton Pritchett. Zabawa is a designer and artist and has created artwork for record labels and musicians including Curtis Harding, ANTI-, Innovative Leisure, Calico Discos, Claude Fontaine, Lia Ices, Tim Hill, Daniel T, and Levitation Room. Outside of his musical pursuits, he is a figurative and abstract painter and is currently working on his solo exhibition opening at Francis Gallery in Bath, UK in April 2021.

Newton is a songwriter and lyricist who most recently performed as the lead singer of Lucille Furs, a Chicago baroque pop band. He has played in a swathe of other bands including The Sunbursts, Jude Shuma, Faux Co. and New York-based Meme Pool

John and Newton aptly met in the Windy City in early 2016 at one of Newton’s shows and a few weeks later John joined the band as a guitarist. “I met Newton at a show that my girlfriend brought me to,” said John. “After the show, we went to a party where I was introduced to the band and we all started hanging out. A few days later, I spotted the guys walking down the street and they invited me to come play with them for a show. We had a great time and so I just started playing with them on and off for about a year. Throughout that time we became close friends.”

Winds on the song and video for “The Way You Make Me Feel:”

The Way You Feel is about allowing yourself to be truly comfortable with your own taste, inspiration and identity. Everyone goes through a period in their young life when they are introduced to new and radically different ideas and there is an earnest desire to elevate or advance our style and taste from higher art forms. The way we feel is that we shouldn’t allow other people to shape who we truly want to be.

We worked backwards in the making of this video by letting the visual concept guide the video making process. We approached the video with a loose idea of recreating ourselves throughout the video. We worked with our longtime friend Alec Basse, who was able to hone in on our vision. He provided structure to an ultimately fun and chaotic process, but still allowed us to create naturally and freely. The end result is a look at Winds completely untethered chasing ideas as they come


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