“What Love Makes You Do” By S. Raekwon

S. Raekwon has shared new single “What Love Makes You Do.” The track arrives ahead of his forthcoming LP Steven, available May 3, 2024 via Father/Daughter (Mia June) Records. Taken from the third chapter of the album, S. Raekwon unpacks what it means to write a love song, accompanied by gentle guitar strumming and soft, airy vocals. His latest song is a follow-up to upbeat lead single “Old Thing” and the introspective songwriting of “If There’s No God…,” continuing on with the vulnerable theme that runs throughout Steven.

Steven wrote, produced, engineered, and mixed everything on the record, in addition to playing every instrument except the drums. The LP was Mastered by Heba Kadry (Kara Jackson, serpentwithfeet, L’Rain),

On the track, S. Raekwon shares: ‘”What Love Makes You Do’ was recorded in one afternoon, but I actually started writing this song back in 2018. It’s me thinking about what it means to write a love song. What if I end up exploring the tension more than the release, the downs more than the ups, does that mean everyone will think I’m unhappy? Can a song even capture all the nuances of what it means to love? In the end, I came to the conclusion that all that questioning is beside the point. Because the simple act of writing something for someone is what love is all about.”

S. Raekwon
Father/Daughter Records

1. Steven’s Smile
2. Old Thing
3. Winners & Losers
4. The Fight
5. The Camel
6. If There’s No God…
7. Does the Song Still Sound the Same?
8. It’s Nothing
9. What Love Makes You Do
10. Katherine’s Song

S. Raekwon 2024 Tour Dates

June 5 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Sultan Room (Release Show)

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