Rat Saw God by Wednesday album review by Otis Cohan Moan for Northern Transmissions


Rat Saw God


Rat Saw God  is an album about the circles of being and cooking in the same cauldron with your own inner demons, about the experienced traumas and about their regular attacks on conscience, about the confusion and speed of passing random memories and thoughts in the head and about how this whole nightmare can sound, transferred into the guitar effects, rumbling drums and exhaled vocals.

Turning on the first track, you get to the very climax of events, without knowing the subtext. Huge and intimidating with every next move, “Bull Believer” blows you away with its shock wave and hits you so hard that you sit with a ringing in your ears for the rest of the album, trying to come to your senses from what you managed to hear. Wednesday throw you from the very beginning into the strongest concentrate that they can mix and prepare, as if in a detective series you first see the consequences of the whole story, and only then you investigate the crime bit by bit and a single piece of luckily caught evidences. The protagonist suffers in a panic attack from the experiences and shocks gathered inside, and as a result, they explode inside him along with the “Finish Him” cries, which have grown with thorns from nervous tic-sprouts.

All other tracks on the album are dedicated to events and locations that formed the final result – these are images of the American hinterland, its identical and never changing problems, slowly poisoning the lives of the people living in them and thousands of times seen landscapes, which managed to get annoying with the main character so much that their existence seems to make them rot inside. They again have to escape from reality into their fictional utopian worlds, tell their new friends about their shameful stories (the essence and taste of which has already been lost and turned into an insipid joke that will not cause any emotions), feel the erosion of their own memories, and then return to a nervous breakdown and cope with its consequences.

Wednesday get rid of the old tail after the album’s initial climax and then build up again, while the new skin is already coarsening on their body. After “Bull Believer” the rest of the songs is not as heavy as this track, but it slowly, without haste, rediscovers for itself the same road to the peak point, varying in genre from slowcore on “What`s So Funny” and “Formula One” to alt-country rock on “Chosen To Deserve”, which is probably the most accurate and friendly song, but still you treat it with suspicion and apprehension, expecting an unexpected turn of events here as well. «Rat Saw God» is able to scare you, deceive you with a thousand of its looks, but besides, understanding that it all was hidden in these 37 minutes – such control of your emotions impresses and you succumb to it more.

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