“Way Too Fast” By Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty, recently released “Way Too Fast,” featuring North Carolina rapper, Jalen Santoy. The track is about believing in yourself and having the courage to never let go of big dreams.

The Toronto artist, rapper and producer’s ideas for the song started in 2019, the year Haviah released her breakthrough album, 13th Floor, and a time period abundant with travel opportunities, gigs across North America and Europe, as well as receiving one of the biggest accolades to date for her craft. Revisiting the momentum she felt in her career, Haviah says: “A few months later, I won the Polaris Music Prize for my album, and my preconceived ideas around what I was capable of achieving completely withered away. What felt impossible, now felt possible – maybe even probable. I felt this internal surge of self-belief – it was belly deep, at the pit of my core. From then on, and to this day, I thoroughly believe I have what it takes to achieve my wildest dreams. This song is a reminder to dream big, and to not put a cap on your goals and limit your potential. As a people, we’ve come so far. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the work that has yet to be done, but sometimes, we have to remind ourselves of the inevitable rewards as well.”

Order “Way Too Fast” by Haviah Mighty feat. Jalen Santoy HERE


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