Haviah Mighty Drops Video For “Bag Up”

Haviah Mighty has shared a video for Thirteen Visuals album track "Bag Up." The singer/songwriter produced the LP her brother Mighty Prynce
"Bag Up" Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty has shared a new video for the Thirteenth Floor album track “Bag Up.” The singer/songwriter produced the LP her brother Mighty Prynce. Directed by Keethan Krish and produced by Rack & Pinion.

Says Haviah about the new video, “As we develop a more keen sense of necessary change in this country, and as COVID 19 simultaneously leaves us in a state of uncertainty, we need a reminder – in hypeman form – to find our new state of normalcy. We have to continue to strive towards our goals, yearning to find success despite these setbacks. ‘Bag Up’ is the celebration of that yearning. Through tribal drums and infectious synths, are lyrics of fierce effort within self, to quite literally earn money doing what one loves,”

Haviah adds, “’Bag Up’ is the last piece of content from the album,’13th Floor.’ It’s amazing that we’ve had over a year of fun with this project! We collaborated with Rack & Pinion on this visual, depicting a selection of resilient women on different paths, dealing with different life hindrances, but bonding over and connecting with the go-getter energy that lies in all of us. With playful lines like ‘I just wanna get my M’s up … mmm mmm I’m a smartie though” and more personal lines like ‘They wanna gentrify dreads, but I’m the creme de la creme,’ I focus on my specific hustle – being a musician – and how I will remain true to the craft while growing this empire.”

On July 1st (Canada Day), standing in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and marginalized communities worldwide, Haviah launched her video for “Thirteen,” a song about the painful plight of Black people in North America. Referencing the Thirteenth Amendment’s abolishment of slavery, the lyrics and accompanying illustrated video by Toronto artist, Theo Kapodistrias, exposed the roots of systemic racism. read Haviah’s full statement HERE.

Last year, Haviah became the first Hip Hop artist as well as the first Black woman to win the Polaris Music Prize for her 2019 album, 13th Floor. The project highlights Haviah’s relentless work ethic and vast sonic influences; ranging from classic Rap/Hip hop elements to Caribbean rhythms, frenetic electro, and diverse instrumentation, while tackling marginalization and racism head-on as Haviah proclaims self-love as a Black woman.

Haviah Mighty
Thirteenth Floor

Bag Up
Smoke (feat. Clairmont The Second)
Wishy Washy (feat. Omega Mighty)
Waves (feat. Sean Leon)
In Women Colour


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