“Warm Blanket” By Worriers

"Warm Blanket" By Worriers is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Warm Blanket" By Worriers is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Worriers – the Los Angeles, based melodic indie outfit helmed by singer/songwriter Lauren Denitzio – have released their fourth album Warm Blanket via Ernest Jenning Record Co. The release is ushered in by an official music video for the album’s title track, which features the work of three contemporary dancers exploring the music at it slowly builds to one of the sonic and emotional peaks of the LP. Much like the new album itself, the Warm Blanket video continues to stretch the band in new dimensions, leaning on a more cinematic and conceptual approach that Denitzio, who is also an accomplished visual artist, has been leaning into with their most recent songs.

“We asked three dancers to interpret the song in a way that would embody the anxiety that goes with the impulse to just stick your head in the sand when the world is overwhelming,” Denitzio explains. “The song, as the title track of the record, is written from the perspective of someone who would rather avoid conflict than address difficult emotions and conversations. I’ve always wanted to work with dancers and movement for a music video in this way, and I’m excited to share these performances.“

The band is currently on an east coast headline tour with a new touring lineup, which includes Atom Willard (drums), Dominic Angelella (bass), and Frank Piegaro (guitar). See below for the full list of dates, all of which feature support from Lizdelise.

Lauren Denitzio has always been the type of songwriter to say exactly what’s on their mind. Over the course of the past decade with their band Worriers, they’ve addressed gender liberation, capitalist violence, and searing heartbreak, all over the band’s signature style of triumphant chords and subtle pop sensibilities. Worriers was always a band that shined with the feelings of ecstatic potential; offering a sense of liberation amidst the chaos of the world.

Warm Blanket
Ernest Jenning Record Co.

1. Doom Scrolling
2. Prepared To Forget
3. Warm Blanket
4. Power Pop Mixtape
5. Creep
6. Pollen In The Air
7. Murder Ballad
8. Never Quite Kicks In
9. Provisional Hope
10. You Don’t Need Me

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