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Here’s our chat with Kevin from Walk The Moon. We covered subjects involving ‘The Woodies’ and playing a couple major festivals

NT: You guys were nominated for a ‘Woodie’ and are performing as well for the festival. Can you give us a bit of background about these awards.

KR: The Woodies are a unique awards show, in that they are voted for online by the public. There is no academy influencing the outcome, so they represent the views of fans alone, which I believe is a very positive thing. It is an honour to be nominated and I believe the feedback has been supportive.

NT: How was the experience working with Ben H. Allen, he has produced some pretty interesting bands including Animal Collective, Washed Out, and Deerhunter to name a few.

KR: Ben Allen was such a great person to work with. He never once felt like just a producer. He was more often a wise friend and guru. When we were originally tossing around Ideas for producers, Ben was consistently the first name to come up in every conversation. That was due to the work he had done with Animal Collective and Gnarls Barkley. It was a great feeling to be working creatively with someone who’s previous work had influenced the band in many ways. Ben sort of helped u organize and logistically focus the recording process, and without that, this record would never have come together in such a short time period.

NT: I think you reworked a couple of tracks from your independently released album ‘I Want, I want.Were you happy with the newer versions?

KR: Absolutely. The recordings from “i want! i want!” definitely helped us get to where we are in a way, and we are so greatful that so many people have identified with the music. When we first were discussing the new record, we decided that we should have recordings of the current lineup playing those songs, and that we wanted to take those songs to a new level in order to capture as much of the live energy as we could. Everyone is really excited about the new album and I think fans of “i want! i want!” are going to be pumped up about the new recordings.

NT: You guys have some pretty cool festival dates lined up, your playing the Governor’s Ball with James Murphy and Passion Pit as well as Sasquatch. Are you guys excited about playing these shows, anyone your looking forward to seeing?

KR: We couldn’t be more excited about this summers festivals. Last year was quite a whirlwind playing Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, and I didn’t think anything would top that, but then here comes Gov’s Ball and Sasquatch! It’s always been a dream of mine to see Beck play live and to think that it’s actually going to happen soon… We also will be playing the Forecastle festival in Louisville, which is like a second home for us, and it’s always like a mini homecoming when we get to see all those people we love. Another crazy adventure will be the 5punto5 festival in Mexico! I’m pumped that we get play that show with Fitz and the Tantrums. They are probably the greatest humans ever to be stuffed into a tour bus. Good people!

NT: The single ‘Anna Sun’ is quite a catchy number. Is it about anyone in particular?

KR: Anna sun isn’t necessarily about anyone in particular, although the title was inspired by the name of one of Nick’s professors at Kenyon College. The song is more about the spirit of youth and the crazy times we all have growing up and discovering ourselves in college.

NT: You guys played the ‘Showcase’ in London, Eng, I believe only one band per year is chosen from North America to play.Were you really stunned when chosen?

This happened quite a while ago before I was in the band. What I’ve been told, is that the band applied online and were chosen to represent the US overseas, and it was the first time the band had
played outside the country. It was a little hectic, but they met a lot of great new fans, and I believe
some of those fans came to see us play when we toured there in 2010.



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