“very bad” by Pomme

Pomme – Claire Pommet’s artist name – the unique French singer-songwriter shares the self-directed music video for her english language track “very bad” in advance of her first ever Los Angeles and New York (sold out) shows. Pomme gained exposure thanks to her deeply mature and sensitive lyrics, as well as her delicate one of a kind vocals. She is also involved in feminism, women’s rights and queer movements.

Pomme says: “The music video for “very bad” is kind of an antithesis. It’s the opposite of the meaning of the song. So the song is kind of direct. It’s about systemic sexism and the fact that men often are attracted to younger women in our society. And I just wanted to do a cute, sweet and soft video clip. Which is the opposite of what I’m talking about in the song. Cause it was really important to me that like the meaning of the song didn’t make it violent and I wanted people to watch something cute. So that the lyrics may be “softer” and more universal.”

The new song “very bad” is not entirely the first time she ventured out with English language music. Her latest album Consolation includes “when I c u” for instance, and last January, she collaborated with Norwegian artist Aurora. Make sure to check out this Video of the Week!

Pomme 2022 Concert Dates

Mon 12.12 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Room
Wed 12.14 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
Wed 12.21 – Montréal, CAN @ MTELUS

Check out Pomme’s music HERE


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