Vallens Announce In Era LP

Vallens announces new full-length In An Era
Vallens 'In An Era'

Vallens will release their new album In Era on March 19th, via Hand Drawn Dracula (Tallies, No Joy). Today, the band have given us an advanced taste of the album, with a video for the lead-track “If I Don’t.” “If I had to pick one song to show to someone and say ‘This is how we sound now,’ I think that encapsulates it best,” says Phillips.

In Era is a transitional album, due to current global circumstances during the COVID-19 era, its breakup-haunted, “Alright, what’s next?” thematic content has wound up becoming oddly prescient. Albeit accidentally. “It’s largely about a transitional time in someone’s life where they have ended an era of their life and can see the next one forming but are floating in between two things,” says Phillips. “It was written before COVID times but it weirdly feels even more apt and appropriate now.”

In Era
Track Listing
Hand Drawn Dracula

01. In Era
02. While You Are Still Waiting
03. Ingrid
04. Sheer
05. Difference Repeating
06. Old Flame
07. Come Home
08. If I Don’t
09. Opaque Undertow
10. Sin So Vain

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