Young Guv Announces New Album GUV IV

Young Guv Announces New Album GUV IV. The full-length drops via Hand Drawn Dracula and Run For Cover on June 24, 2022
Young Guv Announces New Album GUV IV

Following the recent release of GUV III, Young Guv aka: Ben Cook (No Warning, Fucked Up) has announced its sequel, GUV IV, will drop on June 24th via Run For Cover Records and Hand Drawn Dracula (Canada). Written in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico, where Cook and his band holed up at the start of 2020, both GUV III and GUV IV tap into physical and mental isolation to explore the unshakeable pull of human connection and the rejuvenating power of finding love in others and one’s self. The result is two timeless rock & roll records that celebrate all things hooks and guitars while also packing an emotional punch.

the new albums are marked by a sense of intense yearning to connect and to achieve a measure of inner peace. The songs may range widely in style and mood — GUV III and GUV IV treat listeners to perfect power pop, Laurel Canyon-esque janglers, Madchester-inspired rave ups, British Invasion garage rockers, AM-radio Americana, homemade sophisti-pop, and more — but there’s a sense of longing that binds them together. Cook unabashedly says the records “document of my two years away from the world. My healing,” adding that, “through real work in therapy over a long period, as well as spending many months isolated and alone, I have started to finally access my true self little by little, and it’s reflected in this music.”

Young Guv
Hand Drawn Dracula/ Run For Cover Records
track list:

1. Too Far Gone
2. Change Your Mind
3. Sign From God
4. Overcome
5. Love Me Don’t Leave Me
6. Cry 2 Sleep
7. Cold In The Summer
8. Maybe I Should Luv Somebody Else
9. Helium
10. Nervous Around U
11. No Where At All
12. Wind In My Blood

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