Until The Ribbon Breaks “Nature Mother”

Until The Ribbon Breaks debuts“Nature Mother"
Until The Ribbon Breaks photo by Isaac Zoller

Multi-artist Until The Ribbon Breaks (a.k.a. Pete Lawrie Winfield) has shared “Nature Mother,” an anthem for the ages that Winfield proudly calls his favorite composition to date. “Nature Mother” is out everywhere today, via VERO Music and Features a soulful guest vocal from Nashville-based Emoni Wilkins as well a music video directed by Winfield-himself, “Nature Mother” boldly addresses environmental concerns and the role that humanity plays in the future of our planet.

Speaking about the new track, Winfield reveals, “If there was a single lyric that encompassed the whole feeling that I have – and where I’ve been emotionally and why I even made this record – it’s that chorus. It specifically talks about our role in nature and our role to each other: ‘Wild is the wind. Rage is the sea. If it’s in me, it’s in me, it’s our nature mother.’”

Further, Winfield sees “Nature Mother” as a meditation on the connection of the human spirit and the land around us. “For me, personally, instead of curing anxiety and depression, what if they are just a part of us just like they’re a part of nature?”

“Nature Mother” is the latest step in the creative renaissance of Until The Ribbon Breaks, one that started in April with “Everything Else but Rain” with duo Lucius, That was followed in July with “Red Skies,” a collaboration with Latin-pop chanteuse La Pardo that was recorded at the hallowed Joshua Tree studio Escape, as well as in Bogotá, Columbia. Last week, UTRB unveiled a remix of “Red Skies,” titled “Cielos Rojos” (with La Pardo).

Winfield has further imbued dimension into his new songs with a series of multimedia illustrations of his musical visions that include cinematic video clips and an episodic live performance series titled ‘Live From The Lemon Tree.’ Watch a beautiful live performance of “Everything Else But Rain” (Live
from The Lemon Tree).

“I am never happier or more engaged in life than when I am making things,” Winfield says. “What is so gratifying about this current period of my life is that I feel much in the same way that I did when I was 15 and first making music. I’m doing it for the pure joy of doing it.”

Following a self-enforced multi-year hiatus and 6 years of sobriety under his belt, the Welsh artist has also confirmed a new body of work is on the horizon, set for release via VERO Music (distributed by Venice Music). “During the decade that I was making music, I hadn’t realized the toll it took on me, emotionally and physically. I started questioning why I put myself through so much, and why I medicated myself so that I could deal with it. The addiction and Until the Ribbon breaks had become inextricably linked. So, I decided to retire me in that iteration, and see what happens from there.” Winfield shares on his recovery and decision to step back. “But there was a problem. I love making things of all kinds, especially music. At that time, performing was not an option. I was a raw nerve, and I could not consider performing without the perceived safety net of substances. I thought producing and writing for other artists was the answer.”

It was during lock down, faced with extended periods of isolation and in the studio, that he began making music for himself again. “The beauty was that it started as an authentic process. It was how I first made music when I was 12 years old. No one was asking me to make music. No one was expecting me to
make music. It was literally the naivety of pressing a button on a keyboard or a drum machine, hearing a sound, and thinking “Wow. You can do that.”


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