“Underneath the Roses” By Paul Jacobs

“Underneath the Roses” by Paul Jacobs was written and recorded right around the time the world started to close down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just like the video for his previous single, Paul animated it himself. “When drawing the video, I was looking out my window and was seeing the world as a pretty dead, dark place”, says the Montreal-based musician. “It was a month into winter and the moods were getting heavy. I ran with a theme of people in an underworld who don’t realize they’re more dead than alive. They’ve accepted their reality and don’t understand how much more you can get out of life.”

“Underneath the Roses” arrives after the announcement of Jacobs’ forthcoming release Pink Dogs on the Green Grass. The Windsor, Ontario native’s new album is available for pre-order now and will be released on April 30th via Blow The Fuse. Paul Jacobs will perform on March 16th during the Dedstrange online showcase, as part of SXSW 2021.

The songwriting on Pink Dogs on the Green Grass was inspired by those unwanted moments in life that stick with you, like unexpected encounters or bizarre situations that repeat themselves in your dreams. For a long time he has wanted to marry his love of psychedelic music. Pink Dogs on the Green Grass is a deeply personal record on which he opens up about his experience in life through the lense of folk, pop, rock and psychedelic music.

Aside from his career as a solo artist, Paul Jacobs is also the drummer for Montreal band Pottery. He’s known for self producing multiple albums annually, from deep emotional melodies to freak out jams, folk pop ballads to synth laced rock and roll. Jacobs’ sound is mostly inspired by The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac, and Neil Young, while staying true to his unconventional personal style of composition and production you’d find with artists like Arthur Russel, Kurt Vile and Daniel Johnston.

Pre-order Pink Dogs on the Green Grass HERE