“Don’t Let Go” Tiny Deaths

Tiny Deaths’ recently shared their new single “Don’t Let Go”. The track is off the duo’s new LP Magic out September 21st via Handwritten Records.

Tiny Deaths is the Minneapolis, MN and Brooklyn, NY based dream-pop duo consisting of vocalist Claire de Lune and producer Grant Cutler. Their first full length album “Elegies” was released February 2017. Cutler and de Lune’s styles are like yin and yang: Cutler coming from a background in heavily experimental electronica and ambient music and mixed media art installations, and de Lune’s resume filled with RnB. Together, Cutler’s booming bass and lush soundscapes and de Lune’s rich, soulful vocals unite to form a wholly alive and fresh take on a moody, dreamy, ethereal sound bringing to mind bands like Phantogram, Beach House, and Purity Ring.

It’s telling that after a career of songs about love and heartache, none of the singles from the forthcoming sophomore full-length album by dream-pop duo tiny deaths are about relationships at all. A record firmly planted in a time and place, songwriter Claire de Lune describes the LP, as a “youth anthem for the apocalypse.” The record explores such themes as the growing pains of early adulthood, recognizing humanity, the survivor’s spirit, and the trappings of the music industry. “It’s a bit of a departure for us both topically and sonically” adds de Lune. “It sounds like us, but we’ve grown. We’re comfortable enough with our identity and who we are that we could explore and take risks. I think we pushed ourselves out of our musical comfort zone a bit, and I also pulled lyrical inspiration from places I had never found it before. It’s 2018 and I think we’re all living in a different world in so many ways than we were when we made ‘Elegies.’ This record is a product of a time and place in a way that no record we’ve ever made has been. It’s very special to us.”

Tiny Deaths

01. Us
02. Don’t Let Go
03. Always
04. Daughter
05. Autumn
06. Home
07. Take Our Time
08. Flame
09. Stop the Stars
10. Magic