“Future/Past” Thus Owls

Thus Owls, aka Swedish- Canadian couple Erika and Simon Angell today reveal the video for “Future/Past”. The video premiered today via Clash calling it, “startling, fascinating, and perfectly balanced”. “Future/Past” is taken from their forthcoming album The Mountain That We Live Upon out September 28th.

“Future/Past” is built around a dream. A subconscious and desperate attempt to make sense of something so unimaginably abstract as a human being growing inside of you. Starting out sparsely, in dark space, the song abruptly shifts into a swinging instrumental groove that eventually builds and ends in an euphoric choir where everybody sings their heart out. The video for “Future/Past” is filmed and directed by Erika Angell and she explains; “I often dream in strong and surreal colors, colors that I never experience in my awake life. I wanted this element in the video. I also wanted the video to make you feel lost and confused, but then quickly euphoric and as if anything is possible. I wanted these different states to exist simultaneously to explain the mixed emotion of the song.”

The Mountain That We Live Upon was recorded live off the floor at Hotel2Tango in Montreal, to capture the passion that exists in their powerful and dynamic live performances and features a collaboration with a 7 piece band. The core trio are Erika and Simon and drummer Samuel Joly (Marie- Pierre Arthur, Fred Fortin), joined by Laurel Sprengelmeyer (Little Scream), Nicolas Basque (Plants and Animals) and Michael Feuerstack (The Luyas) on guitar, on bass saxophone Jason Sharp, on bass Marc-Andre Landry and Emil Strandberg on trumpet.

Nine tracks, composed for four guitars, drums and voice, that questions creation from an artistic as well as a biological point of view. How do you know if you want a child? What does motherhood, parenthood and artistry mean and what happens in the wake of our choices? From a jazz oriented, avant-garde rock with chanted poetry, one version and one reality takes shape. The unmistakable sound of Erika and Simon Angell carries and brings forward this larger version of Thus Owls into a dynamic, open and free sound where love stands undoubted.

Simon and Erika met in Amsterdam 2007 on tour. Simon, as a member of Patrick Watson’s band, and Erika with the Swedish band Loney, Dear. The immediate musical attraction grew into something more personal. Before long, they were married and the collaboration that is Thus Owls was born.

Thus Owls
The Mountain That We Live Upon
Track Listing

A Shade of Green
Solar Eclipse
Devils In the Dark
Take Me Over
My Blood