“A Shade Of Green” by Thus Owls

Montreal band Thus Owls is back with the new song “A Shade Of Green.” It’s given to you along with a lo-fi, distorted black and white video, as intimate and bare as the song itself.

Singer Erika Angell on “A Shade Of Green”:

“When we first wrote A Shade Of Green, I thought the song was about the dormant love for someone else, but I recently learnt that it is as much about the yet undiscovered and uncovered love for your own being. There is so much emotional pain to heal in an adult life, and step by step we try to face our fears to resolve the knots we carry deep inside. To create is a healing process, and sometimes the subconscious speaks to us and appears in our art long before our conscious self is aware of it. It is a beautiful and powerful thing.”

A Shade Of Green was recorded at Hotel2Tango in Montreal last year, when the final heatwave of the summer hit the city. One take, one song, one voice, as is. The goal was to capture the live nerve and presence of the song. The only added element to this take being the siren sounding trumpets that were captured in the dead of dark winter in Erika’s childhood home in Sweden.

The explorative band Thus Owls, aka Swedish-Canadian couple Erika and Simon Angell, is with the release of A Shade Of Green announcing their own independent label and creative home; For The Living And The Dead, under which they will continue to present and release their art in the future