The Psychotic Monks Debut “All that Fall”

The Psychotic Monks debut new live video for “All that Fall.” The track is available today via FatCat Records and DSPs
The Psychotic Monks photo by Benedicte Dacquin

Paris post-punk outfit The Psychotic Monks are releasing their long awaited album Pink Colour Surgery on February 3rd 2023, via FatCat Records (Frightened Rabbit, Traams, The Twilight Sad). Along with the news, the band has shared the lead-track “All that Fall.”

“The song and the lyrics came from a sort of “cut-up” inspired technique, forcing together different materials in a random way. Little by little, the music made sense in a direction where we wanted to experiment with the relation between the spectacle and the spectator. It was not so clear to us to figure out who and what really produces the spectacle. The frontier between performance and reality has always been extremely porous.

We wanted to invite the listeners to consciously or unconsciously produce the spectacle themselves, leaving a minimalistic moment in the middle of the song where they are left to themselves, entirely free, where there’s enough space to let them fill it. At each new listening, a new set of new random objects from what’s going on around and inside them appears. Roles merge, reality and fiction merges. It also permits the song to contain an always ephemeral experience, like bringing a sense of live performance in the more closed oriented medium that is recorded music.

The lyrics also came from the use of randomness, and became more and more meaningful around these ideas, among others. Sometimes we aren’t really sure of what is performance and what isn’t, in all aspects of social life. Sometimes we can feel our own lives like a total theatrical performance in which we’d perform our own roles. We can be both spectating and performing. And this can generate a whole complexity of, sometimes contradictory, feelings. Both anxiety-provoking and liberating.”

Pre-order Pink Colour Surgery by The Psychotic Monks HERE


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